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Its 9pm and I should be getting to sleep because I have a job interview tomorrow morning. An interview which I need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for since I have to pay my electric bill soon. But who am I kidding? we all know how this works, lights go off at 10, no sleep is had and Emmeline ends up doing an interview with no sleep and greasy skin.
Its not like I’m not trying though! I will be committed to those 8 hours of lying awake in the dark.

Todays brief topic is my issue with my shower.

Here’s the issue: when I moved in to my apartment, there were free, brand new shower curtains from the management, still in their original packaging (its something to do with encouraging tenants to use shower curtains and not cause massive water damage.) Of course I was Thrilled, one less thing to buy! so I hung them up and 10 hours later I went to take a shower. My shower is such that the curtains have to go all the way around the tub (my building was built before showers were common, apparently?) and for some reason I didn’t really think about what it would be like to have plastic sheets with the density of cellophane completely surrounding me while I was wet.
Let me tell you one thing, the feeling is unpleasant.  Its like there are a bunch of gentle perverts all around trying to touch you, or some horrible invisible monster is trying to shrink wrap you to death (or a horrible invisible pervert trying to shrink wrap you!) You pull one section of plastic away from your flesh and an equally large section attaches itself to another part of you immediately. Damp, thin, plastic sheets. Just think about what that feels like.

“What’s the dilemma?” you may ask, wondering why I’m complaining and not out buying new, heavier, non-perverted shower curtains.

I’ll tell you why. THEY WERE FREE.

I CANNOT TURN DOWN FREE. I do not want to spend $20 on a glorified drop cloth when I have a full set of pervy, but utilitarian ones at home.

For now I am letting it slide for the sake of money, but If you don’t hear from me, assume I ended up in an invisible pervert’s freezer (after being artfully shrink wrapped.)


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I have 6 pie plates. Finally!

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