I have 6 pie plates.

August 10, 2010 at 11:20 pm Leave a comment

6! I really don’t even bake pies unless its thanksgiving. I have no idea how I got all of these pie plates.

Alright, today we’re talking about stuff I like, watermelon, my day, and why you should keep on keeping on. Sound good? here we go.

I woke up feeling okay, I could hear a couple who live here fighting outside my window. needed to go to the bank. Once I was showered and dressed though, something just felt off. I was anxious and jittery, and taking that step outside the door was harder than it has been in a while.  Once outside I was okay, I had my sunglasses to protect me and it was warm and sunny.
Then I got to the main drag and I just started to spiral. I felt like I could feel hate vibes coming off of everyone, someone who was sitting outside a store told me to “pull up my skirt” (I thought at first he was being helpful, that perhaps my skirt was hanging low and about to fall off, but it was secured firmly around my waist. The skirt goes to the top of my knee, so I can only interpret this demand as one to show more leg?) I felt attacked. I was uneasy on the way home, too. Generally I was feeling ill at ease and my day did not really brighten up until I decided to slaughter my watermelon.

It was so juicy that I had to put the entire operation in the sink. And as I was working my way through this deconstruction, a breeze picked up and the smell of a wood fire came wafting in to my kitchen and suddenly life was good again. Its the little things that really matter, right? Simple sense memory let me believe again that there is good in everyone and that tomorrow it will be entirely worth it to get out of bed.

Little things like woodsmoke, watermelon, The most recent installment of “My milk toof” and the most adorable notebook i’ve ever seen.

(art by Jeffrey Brown)

So thats the story of how crushing social anxiety was defeated by line drawings of cats and I lived to fight another day.


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New Haus Shower.

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