I’ve decided to have a separate studio blog companion to this one that focuses on my art making practice.

(i’ll put the link in the sidebar under Places to Find Me)

Just in case you want to be updated on artmaking without my useless blathering on.


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Freedom from format!

Hooray, the challenge is over! It’s march! Spring should be coming soon.

I’m finally through my beginning of the semester slump and am starting to make okay art again. However, I can’t find my camera charger. Instead I’ll show you what i’m doing in my “how to stop being bad at computers” class.

What does one do in a class like this? Photoshop your own work in to galleries.

mine is the Klimt/Cassat crossover. on the left wall.




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Day 29

Goals for the next 30 days

-Make good art

-Make really good art.


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Day 28

something that you miss

I just had to stop myself from writing “My Cat” because that’s just sad, isn’t it?

I’ll say Summer.

I also miss the sun.

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Day 27

A problem that you have had.

Jesus, thats a huge question. I’ve had a lot of problems.

I mean, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual. You name it i’ve had an issue. My back is constantly screwed up, I have to wear wrist braces because I rode my bike too hard for too long, I’ve got more anxiety related quirks and tics than I have actual personality, and I really have no idea what I’m doing most of the time.

I guess my current problem is that I can’t seem to get the things that are going on in my mind out on paper.

You see, I’m writing a novella instead of taking English102, and I have this story in my head but every time I go to write it down I get maybe a page out and then it just stops. My ability to write just goes out the window and I devolve in to someone with a 6th grade writing level and a fondness for commas that far exceeds their necessity.

I keep telling myself that I’ll just sit down and write it, but the problem with that plan is that the product wouldn’t be good. I need what I produce to be good. Art, writing, cooking, speaking, I have the constant driving need to be good at these things.

This is problematic, because I am imperfect and cannot be exceptional at everything I try. Actually, I guess that is my problem. I expect perfection. I expect perfection and I cannot follow through. For example, I had a 3.48 last semester and I was incredibly unhappy with that GPA since I’ve been used to a 4.0 at Temple. Even though I know on an objective level that I should be happy (especially considering I take an overloaded schedule) I still kick myself for not having a higher GPA. It’s so stupid of me, but I can’t help it.

That problem of expecting perfection is an overarching theme in my life. It is a constant driving force in everything I do, and has honestly created some disordered behaviors that I have had to work hard to get past.

At the same time, it is a driving force in my life, and if I were to overcome that problem completely I don’t know if i’d be able to make art or write or do anything besides lay around being content with myself.

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Day 26

What kind of person attracts you?

I’m just going to go ahead and assume you mean romantically, since thats the kind of questionnaire this is.

What I find most attractive is kindness, followed by intelligence. I can’t really pinpoint any physical characteristics since I’m attracted to a lot of different things, and really truly I am attracted to personality way before I am attracted to anything physically.

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Day 25

Someone who fascinates you and why.

I’m fascinated by everyone I meet. People are amazing.

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