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I really like the idea of tangible secrets.


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First drafts.

As usual, artmaking stuff can be found at UpTheFolksStudio (there’s a new update as of saturday! check it.)


Today’s post is brought to you by first drafts and anxiety.

Tonight I finished the first draft of my novella.
I still have to go in and add, take away, poke and prod it, but the bulk of the story is out of my brain and on to the paper.

I’ve been carrying that thing around in my head for so long, I’m just glad it’s out on paper where I can forget about it for a couple days.

So, that’s nice.

Now for part two: Anxiety.

Also, stress. I have a lot of work piling up on me right now. This is understandable, as the end of the semester is fast approaching. What isn’t helping me, is my inability to sleep. I am constantly exhausted since I can’t seen to get my brain to shut up for even a couple hours about how much I have to do, so I can get to sleep and be awake enough to do it.


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I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you.

Its just that my life is focused so much on studio time and artmaking that I have been focusing more on my studio blog.

For the time being, you can find me more readily there.


oh, and look how awesome rosemary is, she sent me bowie buttons!

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I’ve decided to have a separate studio blog companion to this one that focuses on my art making practice.

(i’ll put the link in the sidebar under Places to Find Me)

Just in case you want to be updated on artmaking without my useless blathering on.

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Freedom from format!

Hooray, the challenge is over! It’s march! Spring should be coming soon.

I’m finally through my beginning of the semester slump and am starting to make okay art again. However, I can’t find my camera charger. Instead I’ll show you what i’m doing in my “how to stop being bad at computers” class.

What does one do in a class like this? Photoshop your own work in to galleries.

mine is the Klimt/Cassat crossover. on the left wall.




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Day 29

Goals for the next 30 days

-Make good art

-Make really good art.


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Day 28

something that you miss

I just had to stop myself from writing “My Cat” because that’s just sad, isn’t it?

I’ll say Summer.

I also miss the sun.

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