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In which I prove that my attention span is approximately the same as that of a gnat.

Well hello there,

*Giveaway announcement at the end of this  post*

Sooo, The weekly update thing was a nice laugh, but it’s not really working for me.

I believe that this is due to my intensely disorganized thoughts and my unwillingness to order said thoughts in to an easily readable, logical format.

I’ve been working on a project that I cannot show you yet. I can, however, tell you what it is and show you some heavily cropped sneak peaks of the pictures I’m working with. You ready?

Can you tell what it’s going to be?
It’s a calendar full of ATTRACTIVE VEGANS WITH GOATS. Actual title to be announced in the future.

Essentially I’m taking these pictures and making lovely little watercolors (or drawings) of them and turning those in to a 12-month calendar.

now, you may be asking yourself why I’m not just using the pictures, and am instead making them in to watercolors. I am making watercolors (or drawings) for several reasons. They are as follows,

First and most importantly: These are not my photos, and just taking a bunch of other people’s pictures and throwing them together isn’t really a thing. I mean, it’s a thing, but it’s not really a “project.”

Second reason: They are all different sizes and quality, so if I want this to be cohesive at all I’d have to alter it anyway.

Third reason: I love the shit out of watercolor.

Seriously, I love it.

When this is all done and printed, I’m going to sell them and donate all profits made (after printing) to Farm animal sanctuary . I know, I know SO VEGAN.

Unfortunately, I am currently separated from all my art supplies by about 7 hours of driving. Until I return gloriously to the cold dark north I’m just going to sit around and read this book that Jocelyn lent me (okay, in reality it will probably take me a couple hours to finish.)

It’s called The Year of Secret Assignments and it’s one of those books that is often favored by girls between the ages of 10-13. Are we re-living our adolescence? Perhaps. Who cares? Those journal-style young adult books were so great. I personally was a fan of Angus, Thongs, and Full-frontal Snogging.

Jocelyn makes music, and she is awesome. She is working on a CD right now in a real life recording studio, and you guys can expect me to pimp it really hard when she finishes it.

In honor of these horrible short days and to perhaps stave off some of the depression that comes along with the lack of light I’ve decided to do a small giveaway. Nothing too exciting, unless you live somewhere that doesn’t have… CANDY CANE JOJOS

I stole this image from click photo to get to their site.

too enter the giveaway, please write your favorite summer activity in the comments.


See you guys later!


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