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Bike Trip memory.

As per usual, art making stuff over at the studio blog:

Putting together things I want to put in the bike trip zine, I came across this.

After the bike trip, on the morning I was to go to the airport, I ordered a cab. The cab driver was exceptionally chatty. He told me, I think, that he wrote stories. Then he recited to me from memory one of his more recent ones. I think it was about a waitress, and it was from the first person perspective, I assumed it was meant to be coming from him. Something about cigarettes, coffee, and some unspoken desire on her part (that, I thought was strange, and presumptuous, but I said nothing) I wish I remembered it better. At the time, it was something I did not care about. I was in emotional turmoil, I had left something else unfinished and I was about to return to my mother’s house with no plan, no future, and a backpack full of salt-stained clothes. What was this man to me? Just another in a surprisingly long series of people who had told me more about themselves than they would tell the average stranger. It is odd to me now that I was not phased by an impromptu recital in a yellow cab on the way to the airport. Now that I think about it, he was smoking. It wasn’t about cigarettes, definitely about a waitress. He was smoking the entire time. Cigarette and thin leathery arm dangling out the window as he lightly tapped the ash in to the street.


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Day 24

Your favorite movie and what it’s about

No, I cannot possibly narrow it down to one.

I refuse.

I can list some of my favorite movies right now. Lets go for 5 that I would want to watch right now if I had the opportunity.

1.) Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Man, I really need to invest and buy this movie. It is just wonderful. It’s adapted from the musical of the same name  about Hedwig, who grew up in east berlin, had a (botched) sex change operation so ze could immigrate. Its also about gender identity and it has great music.

2.) BBC’s 6 hour Pride and Prejudice

Old fashioned polite british romance, AND sassyness! It is the adaptation most true to the book , and it has colin firth.

3.) Once

I really like the Frames, and this movie is sweet. Its about a serendipitous musical connection of two artists/friends.

4.) the Up Series (documentary films)

This is about people. It follows a group of kids from the age of 7 to 49. Its an astonishing piece of documentary filmmaking that spans (almost) an entire lifetime.

5.)Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (documentary)

Its about a man who takes care of parrots in San Francisco. Its so great.

I could think of 5 more, this list is ever changing.

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Why do good things happen to bad people, and why do bad things happen to good people?

A story from the Li Su people who live in the mountains and do not feel as though they belong to any nation, but would probably be found near cambodia. Told to our class by our professor, and told to you by me.

There once was a creator god. He, much like the greek Zeus created this world without chaos, he too bundled up all of the unmentionable things in a box and left them out of our world.

Once the creator god was riding along in the woods, enjoying the view that he had created, when all of a sudden he comes upon the trickster god.  The trickster god is riding a goat. The creator god laughs and asks,

“Trickster god, why are you riding that goat, you look ridiculous.”

“I am riding this goat” says the trickster god “because it is the fastest animal ever ,faster even, than your horse.”

and the creator god looks down at this horse and he is filled with pride, he knows that this horse is the fastest animal in creation because he himself created it.

“That is impossible”

“I can prove it to you in a race, and if I win, you must give me your horse.” replied the trickster god.

The creator god accepts, and they line up to race on the edge of a cliff shaped like a horseshoe. Now, you have to remember what the jungles of cambodia are like, because the fact that they are well below the tree line is important. On this race track, you cannot see more than the road in front of you.

The race starts and the creator god starts off racing hard at a gallop. The trickster god sits there on his goat for a bit, than quickly magics himself to the finish line of the race. The creator god shows up, exhausted, panting, and is shocked to find the trickster god there. You see, the creator god cannot fathom that the trickster god has cheated, that action is outside of his realm of knowledge.

“you are surprised?” says the trickster god “surely you saw me pass you?”

“I guess I missed you” the creator god replies, still confused. but he is not one to back out of a deal, so he humbly hands over his horse. The trickster god gives the creator god the goat as a condolence prize and rides back towards the house of the creator god.

Once he is well out of sight (for the creator god, having to ride a goat is much further behind) he changes himself to look like the creator god. He rides up to the creator gods house (still disguised as him) and goes inside. The creator god’s wife is there and asks him why he is looking so upset.

“It is that annoying trickster god,” says the trickster god disguised as the creator god “he is going around pretending to be me, he is so terrible that I ought to kill him. If you see him, you must kill him. The only way to tell that he is not me is that he will be riding a goat instead of my fine horse.”

The creator god’s wife, not knowing that this is in fact the trickster god, sees the creator god riding up the path on a goat and with a swift throw of an axe kills him dead.

This is why there is chaos, this is why bad things happen to good people, because the trickster god has been running the show the whole time.

*photo of a drawing i did last week.

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