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Eating Animals (1.0)

“The worst it got was near the end. A lot of people died right at the end, and I didn’t know if I could make it another day. A farmer, a Russian, God bless him, he saw my condition, and he went into his house and came out with a piece of meat for me.”

“He saved your life?” 

“I didn’t eat it” 

“You didn’t eat it?”

“It was pork, I wouldn’t eat pork.” 


“What do you mean why?” 

“what because it wasn’t kosher?”

“of course.”

“But even to save your life?”

“If nothing matters, there is nothing to save.”

(Eating Animals, P.17) 

What are we, without our morals?


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Book Club!

This is what I’m reading: 

Its 200-some pages, beautifully written, and possibly inflammatory. I don’t want to push my agenda on anyone but hey, I own it and I’m reading it. Sure as hell would be convenient for me (and lord knows, I’m the only one that matters, haha) 

I learned through a (particularly rude) encounter at the local library that I can’t take out books with  my father’s card. So here are the other books I have here: Lord Of the Rings (Trilogy), Don Quixote, Song Of  Myself (Walt Whitman), The lion the witch and the wardrobe, and Doctor doolittle. 

any of those sound good to anyone?

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First order of business: I am just now getting to the point where I feel like a human being. Subsequently, I haven’t yet been to the library. I’ll probably go tuesday while the kiddos are at camp. I’m kind of leaning towards Eating Animals since I haven’t read it yet and I want to, but if the library doesn’t have it I’m not going to go through the trouble of  inter-library loaning. Who knows, I may just end up girl-ing out and reading Pride and Prejudice again (hey hey, I KNOW I AM A GIRL) since I’m feeling kind of escapist and nothing says escapist like a double wedding.  

On to todays topic of conversation: Crosses. 

now, you may be asking yourself  “why is this half-breed without any specific religious loyalties talking about a symbol used to represent the ‘lord and savior’ of 32% of the world’s population?” 

Let me explain myself, 

A cross, in its simplest form is a truly perfect design. 

Its visually appealing on the most basic of levels. The rule of thirds is represented here at every turn. The horizontal bar is placed  1/3 (of the total length of the vertical bar) from the top, and the horizontal bar itself  is exactly 2/3 the length of the vertical bar, which is the same distance as the bottom of the cross to the horizontal bar.

I’m not being very eloquent, but you get my drift.

Anyway, this makes me cranky.

I mean, why do I have to subscribe to a religious doctrine  to wear a cross? can’t I just want a base-level attractive shape dangling around my neck? jeeze.

there you go, i’ve resolved to wear crosses from time to time without the guilt, or fear of divine retribution. I will wear them because they are pretty. harumph. 

if there is the kind of hell catholics talk about, I’m sure i’ll be there.

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Book club?

Hello? anyone?

Well, this is embarrassing.

I lost the book.

To be honest, I am also not really in the right headspace to be reading nonfiction. This means that I had maybe read 30 pages by the time I took it with me to gymnastics (sam+alex’s gymnastics class, that is.)  And that was the last time I saw it.

I should also mention that I am writing this from my dads computer(mine is in “the shop.” read: applecare maintenance) and I misplaced my camera, so if anyone is expecting pictures that correlate with the topic of my posting is sorely mistaken. as an example, the picture below was just stolen from my dad.

I think it was taken at a place called “Butterfly World” where they also have parrots? I wouldn’t know because (as anyone who knows me would tell you) I am terrified of all things crawly, fluttery, and exoskeletal.

ANYWAY it doesn’t look like anyone else read the book either? Looking back, I guess Freud is a bit… dense for a book club. maybe it would have been better to pick something people would read anyway (though, when I first read “interpretation of dreams” I read it for fun.)

I’m hoping people are still reading it and just not explicating?

when i stop vomiting, i’m planning on seeking out the local library, maybe then I will find a more… palatable book? or, at least more palatable for summer reading. And, if i’m lucky, brainy enough to make up for the barbie movie that my sister made me watch last night ::shudder::

I’m going to go back to sleep and let my sub-par immune system deal with this flu-y thing.

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Virtual Book Club- First Deadline.


Dan has the book and thusly virtual book club starts. The way we will be breaking it up is by chapter (not page #, since all the different editions of the book have different page numbers)

Section 1 of  Virtual book club 2010: Read chapters 1-4 by 3 weeks from today. (three weeks from today= July 1st) 

When the 1st rolls around, please post a blog about your thoughts, feelings, reactions to the first section of the book. Feel free to include personal experience or associations, this isn’t purely an academic study of psychology.

Everyone’s posts will be linked to here in one master list of response, and hopefully there will be a lovely little database of a (albeit slightly one-sided) intellectual discussion about a book. In addition to my own posts about the book, once everyone has submitted their posts I will probably compile excerpts from everyone in to a single posts (with proper linkage) so that someone who is outside of the book club can get an understanding about what is happening t first glance, and read further if they so choose.  

Again, this is open to everyone, so even if you don’t have a blog I will be happy to post whatever you send me via e-mail ( here. Assuming it isn’t offensive or pornographic. 

Any questions can be e-mailed to 

The current people who are interested/probably participating in book clubbing are: 




and of course, me. 

Hopefully as this goes on, more people will feel like joining.

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Virtual book club!

My friend (read:Gay Husband) Dan and I are starting a blog-based book club to deal with the fact that we will be apart for a disturbingly long time and we both like reading. I am opening up the book club to anyone who has a blog and wants to join in! (I Hope thats okay Dan.)  So, the first book we are reading is “The Interpretation Of Dreams” By Sigmund Freud. I know that Mr. Freud is kind of a dick, but we’re trying to look past that.

Anyway, He still has to get the book, so there will probably be a week or two before it officially starts.

The way it works is we will all have to read the same number of pages/chapters (haven’t decided which yet) per week, and then write a blog post on your thoughts/opinions/analysis. Then, if everything works out, there will be all these (or, if no one is interested, just me and dan) dialogues on books and psychology and whatever else we want to read. Updates on when we are reading/ page assignments will be here.

 If you are interested go out and procure yourself a copy of “The interpretation of dreams” which is probably available in ANY library, but its also usually available for like 75cents in every used book store because there are just SO MANY copies of it.

I’m excited.

Other book clubbers: 

BAD (maybe) 



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