Up the Week (2)

December 27, 2010 at 12:10 am Leave a comment

Current art-making: None. I’ve pretty much been sleeping and wrapping presents since last saturday. I’m still in the tail end of the stupid flu.

Happenings: Giftmas! Thursday night my mother and I came up to connecticut for the holidays.

It was lovely, and my family proved how awesome they were by getting me THREE great cookbooks.

Everything was great, and we were all looking foreword to everyone going back to their own homes.

and then it started to snow.

aaannndddd now we’re stuck.
I am stranded in connecticut until it either stops snowing or they invent a death-proof car.

oh well.

Art Obsession: My friend Talya’s work. She goes to SAIC (My first out of 3 undergraduate experiences) and is super cool. She also has a zine, and if you live in Chicago you should go pick one up at Quimby’s!

Other: Because i’ve been sick for so long, i’ve also been watching a lot of Netflix Instant watch.

Mostly I’ve been watching Veronica Mars. More specifically, I’ve been watching Jason Dhoring beat people up and then look sad about it:


Hopefully next week will actually have some new work.

Happy Giftmas!



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Up the Week (1) In which I prove that my attention span is approximately the same as that of a gnat.

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