An open letter.

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An open letter to the freshman in my classes:

Its only been a week, and you all are making me worry about you.
I know I am not much older than you. In fact, I am only about two years your senior. Despite this, I feel as though there are things you could learn from my experience. So I offer some unsolicited suggestions.

1.) If you are one of the students who are complaining about the experience of being in college, you need to know something: No one is forcing you to be here. This is not high school. You (rather, your parents) are paying a lot of money so these people can pass along to you what they know. If you do not want to be here, leave. It is that simple and it is entirely up to you. There is no universal law that dictates all humans must go through some degree of “higher” education to live a fulfilling life. You can leave, no one else can make a decision about your education for you

2.) Slacking isn’t cool. Its no one’s job to hold your hand and drag you through this. I repeat, if you do not want to be here please just leave. If you do want to be here, take responsibility for yourself and work hard. That is the only way you will get what you pay for out of this experience.

3.) I know it is exciting to finally be away from your parents protective reach. I also know that you will probably want to express this newfound freedom through activities like drinking, staying up for 48 hours at a shot, and abusing illegal drugs. Stop. You’re being stupid. Bad reason to consume carcinogens and/or deplete the dopamine receptors in your brain: because you’re stressed, because it makes you feel more confident, because other people are doing it, because you think it is an integral part of the college experience.
Neither alcohol nor drugs will help you with anything. The only thing either of those will do is make illness or death appear much sooner.

4.) Allow yourselves to be excited about  things. Just because the current feeling of our generation is one of disinterest and defaulting to dislike doesn’t mean that its a fulfilling or good way to live your life. Don’t be afraid to be a nerd, or embrace your interests whatever they may be. No one is as cool as they say they are. don’t feel pressured to be someone you aren’t. you are much more interesting if you do not follow the same personality guidelines as every other hipster or art kid in the country.

5.) fifth and most importantly, take care of yourselves. If you start to feel overwhelmed, take a break. If you are depressed or feeling suicidal, Reach out. Seriously. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to one of the school counselors, try to talk to a teacher you feel comfortable with. Either way, everyone there is willing to work towards protecting you. One of the best things about college is that you get free psychiatric help and it’s completely confidential. If you don’t feel comfortable with that there are 1800 numbers to call. At the very least, talk to your roommate. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to a roommate, come find me. I’m really tall and have curly brown hair. I will be your friend. I am not kidding at all, I am willing to listen to anyone if they are uncomfortable going to an adult or authority figure.

Oh, and use protection. The school will give you free condoms, planned parenthood will give you free condoms, and the cvs across the street will sell you condoms and will not judge you for it.


Images in this post were brought to you by the etching I’m working on for printmaking.

I had a bit of a change in my schedule, i’m now taking the maximum amount of credits allowed before they charge you extra.
This means i’m spending about 40 hours/week in classes plus another 15-20 outside of classes or in the studio. I’m taking: Printmaking, Metalsmithing and Jewelry, Drawing, 3D design, Composition and literature 101 and a class that is apparently required for all sophomores called “issues in ideology” which is actually really great.
I have learned something interesting about myself this week: I am terrible at metalsmithing and jewelry. terrible. I work hard in class and put in a lot of time outside of class, and I will probably barely pass it. This is okay. This is why I took a class that I had never even come close to taking before, to learn something new. That being said, I will never take another class like this again. I do, however really really like printmaking so far. We’re doing etching, which involved acid and multiple exposures. Its like photography and drawing all wrapped up in one.
I also like my 3D class. Mainly because we can get stuff done seeing as its a 7 hour class. I miss those! these 3 hour classes fly by and I don’t get a chance to do much before its over. Because of these 3 hr classes I end up with situations like this weekend where i’ll be in the metals and printmaking studios all of sunday and probably some of monday. Oh well, why else am I in art school if not to do art?


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Welp, here goes. Fears

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