Welp, here goes.

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Everything starts tomorrow. At 8am I go over to MECA to do my final registration. I’m going over so early so I am sure to get an early time slot so I can get out of there by 1:30pm and get to work by 2 where I will be until 9:30pm. I will then promptly drive home and pass the hell out so I can be up again at 7am and go to two days of orientation friday/saturday and then work sunday. When everything starts for real I’ll be schooling 8am-6/8pm mon-thursday and working friday-sunday. Days off are for chumps! I’m really not very worried about my ability to handle this schedule, it just looks daunting when every day I have at least 6 hours of somewhere I have to be, you know?

Because of my 24/7 schedule you’ll have to expect less updates from me (I know, I know, my 15 readers are just torn to bits.) For the month of september I’d guess that I’ll be updating once a week at most, but I will hopefully be doing Vegan Mofo IV in october (note:link goes to last year’s.) so you should expect a lot from the then.

You bet your butt that some of those once a week updates will be continuing the book talk feature. I like doing that, it gives me an outlet to rave about books without driving my friends crazy.

And of course I will be posting art as I make it. The good, the bad, and the ugly (oh, there will be PLENTY of the latter two, believe you me.)



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Required reading. An open letter.

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