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About a month ago I was watching Doctor Who (season 5) with my mom, and she says to me “I think Stephen Moffat has a thing for women’s nails.” And of course for the rest of the season I couldn’t stop seeing ladies nails!

All of the women of the Stephen Moffat doctor who world have their nails did real nice. There are also a lot of shots of their hands.

screenshots  to prove my point.
Bam! River Song.

Bam! Amy Pond.

Okay, this has already proven that there aren’t that many ladies in this show and thats kind of upsetting.
Putting aside the fetish-y nature of this fixation, seeing all the nicely done nails made me want to have colorful fingertips too.
Even though I cannot afford a manicure, I can afford a $2 bottle of discount green nail polish at target.

I don’t have a very steady hand, but hey SHINY AND COLORFUL!

I’m also trying to distract myself until at least 11pm. I need to see where my neighbors park on street sweeping night. And then I will move my car. See, there are signs on the street that say  no parking sunday 11:30pm – 7:30am monday. But the other side of the street has NO PARKING signs all over it, so i don’t think i can just move my car over. Anywhoo, nails!

And yes, I know I talk about Doctor Who way too much. Deal with it.


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I think I have a ghost. Fambly, fear.

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