I think I have a ghost.

August 14, 2010 at 10:17 pm Leave a comment

Assuming one believes in ghosts, its quite plausible. I do live in a very old building. I actually think it may have been one of those “houses for unmarried women and widows” at one point. All of the apartments have built in ironing boards.

But it is the most subtle ghost in the history of ghosts. This morning when I woke up and went in to the living room, all the stuff that was on top of my book case was now over on the left side. Which is actually kind of convenient because I went in there to move that stuff over so I could put a picture (that I had just found in my suitcase) on the right side. Its not really threatening. I think if there is a ghost, it’s just moving stuff around to let me know its there, or to make sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed. It probably wouldn’t even move stuff at all if it knew for sure that it would continue to exist without haunting me. wouldn’t we all ghostly, wouldn’t we all.

I’ve always really liked the idea of ghosts, so for now I think I will suspend my disbelief and let ghostly keep on existing.

I’ve also decided to start knitting this scarf:

There is a free pattern online, and it would be a good long-term project (its an insane long scarf kitted with size 5 needles.) Plus, its all the garter stitch so its a great project to do without thinking.
And as you all know, I love doctor who. I particularly love Tom Baker as doctor who.

The only problem is that there are specific yarns she suggests that I would have to order online, and I am often paranoid about doing that.

Love Tom Baker as the Doctor. Love him.


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