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First order of business: I am just now getting to the point where I feel like a human being. Subsequently, I haven’t yet been to the library. I’ll probably go tuesday while the kiddos are at camp. I’m kind of leaning towards Eating Animals since I haven’t read it yet and I want to, but if the library doesn’t have it I’m not going to go through the trouble of  inter-library loaning. Who knows, I may just end up girl-ing out and reading Pride and Prejudice again (hey hey, I KNOW I AM A GIRL) since I’m feeling kind of escapist and nothing says escapist like a double wedding.  

On to todays topic of conversation: Crosses. 

now, you may be asking yourself  “why is this half-breed without any specific religious loyalties talking about a symbol used to represent the ‘lord and savior’ of 32% of the world’s population?” 

Let me explain myself, 

A cross, in its simplest form is a truly perfect design. 

Its visually appealing on the most basic of levels. The rule of thirds is represented here at every turn. The horizontal bar is placed  1/3 (of the total length of the vertical bar) from the top, and the horizontal bar itself  is exactly 2/3 the length of the vertical bar, which is the same distance as the bottom of the cross to the horizontal bar.

I’m not being very eloquent, but you get my drift.

Anyway, this makes me cranky.

I mean, why do I have to subscribe to a religious doctrine  to wear a cross? can’t I just want a base-level attractive shape dangling around my neck? jeeze.

there you go, i’ve resolved to wear crosses from time to time without the guilt, or fear of divine retribution. I will wear them because they are pretty. harumph. 

if there is the kind of hell catholics talk about, I’m sure i’ll be there.


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Book club? Book Club!

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