Virtual book club!

June 14, 2010 at 4:41 pm Leave a comment

My friend (read:Gay Husband) Dan and I are starting a blog-based book club to deal with the fact that we will be apart for a disturbingly long time and we both like reading. I am opening up the book club to anyone who has a blog and wants to join in! (I Hope thats okay Dan.)  So, the first book we are reading is “The Interpretation Of Dreams” By Sigmund Freud. I know that Mr. Freud is kind of a dick, but we’re trying to look past that.

Anyway, He still has to get the book, so there will probably be a week or two before it officially starts.

The way it works is we will all have to read the same number of pages/chapters (haven’t decided which yet) per week, and then write a blog post on your thoughts/opinions/analysis. Then, if everything works out, there will be all these (or, if no one is interested, just me and dan) dialogues on books and psychology and whatever else we want to read. Updates on when we are reading/ page assignments will be here.

 If you are interested go out and procure yourself a copy of “The interpretation of dreams” which is probably available in ANY library, but its also usually available for like 75cents in every used book store because there are just SO MANY copies of it.

I’m excited.

Other book clubbers: 

BAD (maybe) 




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In which Hank Green explains why I will never get over space. Virtual Book Club- First Deadline.

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