Meaningless doodles and cats

May 2, 2010 at 2:37 am Leave a comment

Sitting alone on a saturday night watching Ghost Whisperer with my cat: GREAT social life. 

Seriously though, I’m an exhausted person all the time recently so this is actually an ideal evening for me. I also really like ghost whisperer as a show. Its nice and the early seasons are formulaic enough that its comforting to watch. Plus I’m a sucker for cheesy supernatural things. 

Not a lot is happening art-wise, I’m still learning mosaics and I’m excited about a new project that I’ll probz be starting. It involves onions. I’ve been unnaturally in to the onion theme, but I figured I should just go with the flow. 

Here’s a useless doodle: 

Its the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) and a short fat goat in…space I guess? The TARDIS looks like a child’s drawing mainly because I just can’t draw cubes. I seriously haven’t been able to draw cubes ever, even in elementary school when everyone learned the trick to drawing cubes when you draw the one square, then the other, then connect the sides, I couldn’t do it. 

I draw that short fat goat a lot, it is based off of an actual short fat goat that I saw in connecticut at The Book Barn.  I love the book barn so very much, I would live there if I could. Like, inside of the book barn.   

Off to my fabulous saturday night, I may spice it up with some more chocolate Tempt  which I picked up today while I was in Natures Harvest buying nooch (nutritional yeast) in bulk. SO AMAZING. My mom even thought it was as good as or better than dairy ice cream and she is not a fan of vegan ice cream.


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Dumplings! Sweet peppermint iced tea.

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