throwback: I’m so hardcore I carry knives INSIDE my body.

April 25, 2010 at 9:20 pm Leave a comment

I am well known amongst my friends for getting hurt in ridiculous ways. 

here is a blog post I wrote about the time I had an x-acto blade stuck in my foot for four months: 

“i spent last night in the ER 
let me start from the begining: 

about 4 months ago i cut a giant gash in the bottom of my big toe, i couldn’t find what cut me, but it looked like a clean cut so I just cleaned it, bandaged it, and went on my way. 

two weeks ago i started to notice that my toe hut when i pushed it, and when i looked where it hurt there was a tiny dark spot. 

I quickly figured out that i had probibly cut myself on an x-acto knife on my floor, I assumed the tip had broken off and was now hanging around in my foot. 

it got progressively worse as the weeks went on, and last night i was at the movies, and started feeling really sick so i went home.
lynda looked at my toe (which was REALLY hurting, and looked really gross, but had looked fine and not hurt the night before) 
and said it was probably infected 

we went to the ER 
they took my temperature (103) 
tested for pregnancy (non) 
took some x-rays (“girl, what the hell is in your toe?”) 
numbed up my toe ( that shit BURNS) 
and pulled (what i thought was going to be a tiny piece of metal but) what actually was a 1-inch long x-acto blade out of my foot. 

they gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way (1am) 

lovely experience”


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i’m learning how to do mosaics! Dumplings!

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