Oh, are the olympics on? I hadn’t noticed.

February 13, 2010 at 2:13 am Leave a comment

I am not really that in to the olympics, but I am begrudgingly watching the opening ceremony. 

You can’t make me pay attention though! 

I’m trying as hard as possible to blog every day, even if it is the mindless drivel that I have so far filled this blahg with. 

I made this pretty picture just for you guys. Its my shelf in the fridge! I have the bottom shelf which is larger, but I often have less food so (as you can see) some things like booze get put on my shelf for storage (I don’t drink.)

If you are having trouble reading click the photo and you’ll get a bigger one.

I love seeing people’s refrigerators. I’ve had those pickles for over a year, I just can’t bring myself to eat them since they are the last remaining jar of a glorious batch of pickles that my friend Rosie made. My only real staples are rice and hummus, everything else is likely to change. The Blackberry liquor is my mom’s project, it is actually really good, there is very little bite to it and it is very sweet.

The shmutz in the following photograph is 50% an effect of the screen and 50% dirt. 

This is my driveway/my 6 other neighbor’s driveway as seen from the back window at sunset. I’m not sure if you can tell from this photo, but my garage is super short, its great that we have a bug instead of an SUV or something because the bug barely fits!


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More bike trip photos Dear Hipsters,

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