More bike trip photos

February 11, 2010 at 6:48 pm Leave a comment

Okay, its cold out. Lets think about summer and pretend there isn’t an assload of snow on the ground. 

For a while we were taking bunches of pictures on disposable cameras and then sending them to friends and family, unfortunatley neither of us has many of those photos seeing as our friends live all over the place and not many have scanners. 

these though, are some that Rosie sent to her fambly, most of them are from the edge of maine and the beginning of new hampshire. 

This is from Naples, ME at the Augustus Bove house (a bed and breakfast we stayed at, where the woman who owned it severely undercharged us. Loved her) 

Naples, ME

Ah yes, the giant chickens. Yet another in a series of awesomely bizarre oversized lawn ornaments that I desperately wanted to take with us. 

Conway, NH

More Conway, NH. You can see the Kanc in the distance 

Kancamangus pass. Beautiful. 

Man, summer is so great. I hate winter. 

Oh, I may be interviewing for a job at the phila zoo. I am torn about the whole job v. animal rights thing.


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