Pride and Prejudice and Cats and Old Tweets

February 9, 2010 at 7:16 pm Leave a comment

Since its supposed to snow today and I will be stuck in my house for at least 36hrs, I figured now was a good time to whip out my copy of Pride and Prejudice . not the new nonsense, the Colin Firth version, nothing else is worth my time. This is why: 

Plus its 6 hours and its the closest adaptation to the real book. I am such a girl. 

What is even better than watching this movie? watching this movie with my cat who is making up for lost snuggle time now that its cold outside. She is a very old cat now, she’s about 13 years old and is definitly a little brain damaged (she had a bit of an accident with a whole role of dental floss when she was a tiny kitten.)

I also figured I’d throw up the twitter account from when Rosie and I were biking. We made it so our parents could see where we are, and we had it locked so that no one could stalk us. I just unlocked it so a friend of mine who wanted to see it and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share with the 20-or-so people who are reading this since you can’t really stalk us retrospectively.

here you go!  

to be honest, rose was doing most of the tweeting (I had no phone for the majority of the trip) I was only responsible for the following tweets:

In fair verona where we lay our scene, two families both alike in dignity…12:26 PM May 28th, 2009 from txt

Made it to naples, staying at an adorable b&b owned by an equally adorable old woman who shows no signs of murdering us in our sleep.4:37 PM Jun 2nd, 2009 from web

Everything in Sharon is a house! 1:27 PM Jun 9th, 2009 from txt

 I don’t know if it is interesting to anyone else, but its a strange way for me to jog my memory. Enjoy! 


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