Slightly warmer rain: Still rain.

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Oh, it is most definitely winter. Despite the fact that it is supposed to get all the way up to 55 tomorrow, it is still very much January. Even worse; late January, which means its almost (dun dun duunnn) February. I hate February a lot. It is both the shortest and the LONGEST month, and I personally have to take great care to make myself happy enough that I don’t crawl in to a hole and die when this wretched time of year rolls around. 

What are the things I do to keep myself from dissolving in to a puddle of angst and exhaustion? well, one is watching Craig Ferguson  and I’ll let you know the others when I figure them out. 

On to the section of this post entitled: Stuff I made in the past.  Such a segment is needed because I STILL have not found the card reader for my camera (though I did find it’s cord. This does not bode well.) 

Starting with the most recent in my computerbrain: 

Back when it was warm outside I was on a button making kick (mostly due to my new baby: the $30 button maker

Here is a little sloppy  matryoshka drawing I did. I still actually have this one, no one seemed to want it, poor little thing.

Octopus! I still have him too.

 Carrot! I love drawing carrots. I’ve been drawing carrots since I was maybe 10? When I’m doodling I just automatically start drawing the shape of a carrot. 

Two friends of mine and I often call ourselves “team awkward” because we are all (as the title implies) incredibly awkward individuals. There are two other buttons, but the picture files got corrupted. 

I made this for our friend Liz who try as she may, is not by any stretch of the imagination an awkward person. However, she wants to be part of team awkward so I appointed her as an honorary member. 

I have fallen off the button wagon recently though, if I ever get my thoughts and things organized again I will surely be making more. 

A long time ago I made this sweatshirt, put it up on etsy and it just sat there until I took it down because NO ONE was interested. I like it, but it is too short for me.

I mean, maybe no one likes rhinos? the placement is awkward? I don’t know. I still have it sitting on a shelf.

Look at that cute little rhino, how could you say no? Apparently, easily.

Back at SAIC I did a project that involved making a bunch of stuffed rats, and when I got back I was still kind of on a roll so I made some to sell. 

Yes, they kind of looked like giant hacky-sacks with tails, but people liked them and I actually did well at selling them. 

Could you blame them? look at that face. 

The only problem was that I was hand-sewing them and that (obviously) took for-freaking-ever. Like all my past endeavors, I just kind of forgot about them. I still have an assload of patterns for them that I already cut out and one day I’m probably going to try and machine sew them and only hand-do the details. who knows! 

A little list of my non-fine art craftyness for you and a depressing trip down memory lane to remind me of all the things i’m not doing nowadays. AUGH, no! Not depressing (not inherently so.) Its just this terrible gloomy weather has me down. I promise less mopey behavior once the sun comes out.


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Vegan Bake sale for Haiti-NYC Cookies are delicious.

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