United States of Tara.

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Before I go into an uninformed tirade, I should say that I have not seen more than two episodes of this show and I think Toni Collette is a fantastic actress. However, I do not appreciate that this television show exists in the form of a comedy. I mean, while they do address some of the issues that go along with DID (and even allude to some of the darker aspects of the disorder with the fact that there is a very young personality “Gimme”) the fact that a show about mpd/did could ever be billed as a comedy (dark or not) is absolutely appalling. Also, I am not sure if Diablo Cody’s signature chirpy banter fits this subject. Despite it’s reputation, the human psyche is actually pretty strong, and what they didn’t seem to mention is the absolutely horrific trauma that someone would have to go through before their personalities split, and the severe damage that comes along with it. The show  does not seem to get the point across that this is an extreme coping mechanism due to terrible trauma that usually starts at a very very young age. Not by any means an adult, manageable personality quirk. 

all of that being said, I hope I’m completely wrong about this show.

I have now watched an entire season of the show, I take it back.


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