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oh hey there.

I got back from florida monday night. I really dislike the way septa works, it took me two hours to get home from the airport. If I was driving it would have taken 25 minutes.

Anyway, I had a nice time. My dad was working most of the week (he works the night shift in an ER) so I spent a lot of time with my stepmother and baby siblings.

Sam and Alex

Aren’t they cute? My baby sister samantha looks a lot like my stepmother whereas Alexander looks almost exactly like my father and I. They go to a jewish preschool just like I did (KI, represent!)  and on friday they had Sabbath services in the morning for the kids to participate in, and Sam was the Ima this week (there is an Ima and Abba chosen for each class every week) and she wanted me to go up with her while the kids from all the classes did the prayers over the candles, grape juice and challah. It was great and she had a good time, but I felt like I was 5 again and I’m pretty sure a lot of the other parents thought I was her mom and were judging me for being so young.

While I was there I read Craig Ferguson’s memoir  American on purpose (which I have been mistakenly calling America on purpose for the past couple weeks, awkward) which my dad got me for giftmas. I thought it was a great read and I am planning on writing a whole blog post on it, along with the neurological effects of drug and alcohol abuse that I learned about last semester in Neuropsych (which, when I started this blog I was studying for. I aced the class btw, and I wouldn’t be bragging but I honestly thought I was going to fail the class.)

Right now though, I’m going to write about being sick.

To understand why my current germ related problem is so distressing to me you should know one thing about me: I RARELY get sick. Okay, that’s not entirely true, what I mean is I rarely get colds, and until this year I had never had the flu.

The following is my recent illness odyssey:

I got the Swine flu in October. A lot of people got swine flu in october, and I’m not complaining because  was really due for a major illness and even though I missed a lot of class time, I didn’t mess up my academic life because of it. My major mistake was assuming that after that I was pretty much done for the year (thats how it usually works for me!) After the swine flu I was hit with a mean case of bronchitis which is easy for me to get because I already have bronchial asthma and because of the swine flu my immune system was fucked. The bronchitis lasted until after thanksgiving. I then had about two weeks of time not being sick which I am thankful for because those two weeks were when I was studying  for and taking my final exams. then I got a head cold while I was working on my cooper union home test that lasted for three weeks (straight through Chanukah and giftmas, making it impossible for me to see any of my friends after I was done with the home test.) I was feeling okay around the 31st of december, but then my Mom got sick with some sort of nasal-y thing and gave it to me which I suffered through for a couple days but I was over it by the time I was in florida (though dayum, altitude change based on a plane+sinus pressure=a lot of pain.) In florida I was tired, but generally feeling well. I took the plane and train home monday night, feeling okay.

Tuesday morning I wake up with a 102 degree fever, a headache, nausea, and swollen tonsils. WTF? I’m still sick today, I spent most of my morning and afternoon lying on my back staring at the ceiling and whining about how much pain I was in to my fever dreams (not even joking, I get strange when I get sick.) however, since its been more than a month since i’ve been social at all I took the train at 5pm to go visit some friends downtown (though I wasn’t out for very long, I left around 10.) you are welcome philadelphia.

I am very sick of being sick. Literally all I wanted to do this week was clean my house and now I can’t even do that.


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Off to the land of rainstorms and oranges United States of Tara.

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