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IMPORTANT: ALL PHOTOGRAPHS WERE TAKEN BY JON he was the only one who was brave enough to use his hands in that weather and take photographs.

Last new year my friend Rosemary and I decided we would get our friends to go camping in the dead of winter for two nights (the second of which was new years eve.) Our friends must be just as crazy as we are because they agreed to come along (though 3 of them only stayed over new years.) This is what Jon captured on (digital) film. 

Rosemary (who was my cohort in this plan to make everyone we know into a popsicle) looked like a super secret spy on the day we left. 

Me looking wasted while setting up the lovely mattress pads in the tent. 

this is the first night we were there. Rose, Liz and I are preparing dinner. Because we are women. 

everyone receiving their rations of three bean soup that I made an assload of. 

At about 9pm a few of us decided  to go for a walk in the dark without using flashlights, in a place we had never been before in the middle of winter.(obviously we are not the brightest of the bunch, thank you modern society for keeping us alive despite the fact that evolution should have eliminated us by now)

Every morning these guys were up before us making the fire and feeling manly. 

However, the fire was FAR too close to the tent and we ended up making a few little holes, but we didn’t burn it down! 

here is a picture of the tent. It was made to hold 6 people. We had a 12 person spoon in there, you literally couldn’t roll over if you wanted to. Because of the way we were positioned, Liz and I were at the middle of a two-way spoon, face to face. 

Snow, snow is good because that means its warm enough to snow. Speaking of snow, when we woke up on the 1st of january we had made enough moisture with our collective breathing that water had condensed on the inside of the tent and frozen. Every time someone would move it would snow a little inside the tent. 

you can see by the water that it was incredibly windy on the 31st. 

Trying not to fall down that hill. 

Roosting. Do as the pigeons do! they know how to deal with the cold. 

This sign was on the trail we were hiking. Someone was apparently extremely unhappy with the no biking rules on the trail. 

“Hey! Look what we found” in the middle of the woods. 

Its really difficult to explain what the area we found these in looked like. we never figured out what it was originally, but it must have been some sort of outpost or shelter that had burned to the ground a while back. There were almost a dozen rusted out bed frames, a bunch of wire baskets, and generally a lot of scrap metal and burnt things. It was very spooky for one reason or another. 

Water break!

Eventually we realized that the campground had a heated bathroom. We sought shelter in the ladies room (we were one of two campsites that were occupied so it wasn’t a big deal for a bunch of us to be in the ladies.) Much Uno playing and chatting ensued.

 Greg’s EXCEEDINGLY inappropriate footwear.

It was apparently warm enough in there that I felt comfortable taking off one glove

and then give a short explanation of the process of taking care of a recently perforated face. 

On the last morning. Here is the lemon that froze solid and we had to hit it with a rock to break it. 

This year it will be SUMERLAGER, Rose and I are researching the prices of group sites and seeing what we can do about a solid week or two of an encampment. 



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Abandoned greenhouse photography Off to the land of rainstorms and oranges

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