Abandoned greenhouse photography

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Alright, so for a while now i’ll just be chronicling past adventures since recently i’ve been sick and my brain is not functioning at 100% and its easier for me to photoessay than think new thoughts. 

This particular adventure involved breaking in to an abandoned greenhouse in the northeastern US (attn government scanners: in case you are one of the 4 people who read this we just took pictures, we didn’t do anything illicit, quit your bitching.) this happened in the winter of ’09. 

This was the area of the greenhouse where they had the starter beds for the seedlings, it was also the most nerve-wracking part because there wasn’t any concrete to stand on and the wood was feeling a little shaky.

The greenhouse originally was used for growing roses. After several years of abandonment the roses have grown back in a much more wild form, they are incredibly beautiful plants but they hurt like a mother to try and walk through.

 I was trying to get a shot of the really intense irrigation system. 

My friend Jon with his fancy pants camera. He is better at taking pictures than I am. 

It is hard to capture how huge this greenhouse is, it just keeps going and going and going. 

This is some sort of grain processor (I think) but to us it looked like a giant meat grinder, and it was in a dark and menacing room. We all got spooked and left that room very quickly. 

This is the door we used. How we got in was we popped a pane of glass out of one of the windows (popped, not broke) had the smallest person climb in the window and unlock this door from the inside. When we left we left through the door, had the smallest person lock the door behind us and climb out the window. We then popped the pane back in and everything was how we had found it.


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