I suck at Blogging.

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Essentially every blog I’ve ever had has ended up failing because I forget the username, password, and which e-mail address I’ve used . I also tend to get lazy and stop blogging because I’m sick of writing (for classes, college essays, etc.) Not this one though! I refuse to let it fall by the wayside, and I am promising myself that I’ll blog at least twice a week. So there. 

I’m about to enter finals week at Temple, I’ve only got two classes that are giving exams, but one of them is my neuropsychology class and I am absolutely terrified about that one, the class is apparently a grad level class (I didn’t know that when I signed up, I assumed since as a non-matriculated student I’m not even allowed to take english that they wouldn’t let me in to a class that grad students take. I was wrong) and I really like it, but it is by far the most difficult class i’ve ever taken. 

And yesterday I got my cooper union home test in the mail. I’m not complaining, but that scares me. I am very intimidated by it, I’m lacking faith in my both my ability to come up with creative responses to the prompts, but my ability to get it done in three weeks.

I feel like I should catch anyone who is reading this up on the art I’ve made since that whole artist thing is is a solid 65% of who I am, so here are a couple things. More can be found at my Deviantart 

This took me 23hours to complete.

Pen and Ink


Most recently I did this Tire swing pen and ink because I was feeling insecure about my ability to draw and needed to prove to myself that everything I did wasn’t crap. I did it in one sitting, it took 23 hours.

 100 page bookThis is a different (less doctored) photograph of the image I used in my first post. It is probably one of the more cerebral pieces I’ve ever done. I wont write a whole drawn out artists statement here, It is a book with every word cut out of it. 

TemperaAbout a year ago I painted this portrait of my friend Jon in his running gear and aviation headwear. Its a pretty big painting for me  (maybe 5 feet tall and 41/2 across?) It is painted in tempera which I love and everyone else I know seems to hate. 

This is a timeline of someone with multiple personality disorder. Each time the line splits is when she had a personality split, from top to bottom it goes from a young age (the first split is around 3 years old) to about 35 which is when she was being studied by psychiatrists. Again, I won’t bore you with a two page artist statement. 

This is part of a nine piece series that involved photos and hand drawn and custom cut stickers.

there are more, but I feel like that is a good sampling for now.

Now I have to go work up an outline for my communication class and start an embroidery project.


Entry filed under: Artz.

Ring around the rosie. Happy holidays!

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